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Cesar has always been curious. He’s curious about meeting you to provide real estate service in a personalized way — the way it’s supposed to be when you work with the right real estate agent. His life and career are built on integrity, honesty, curiosity and personalized communication. Cesar’s curiosity naturally flows into asking insightful questions to reveal a deeper understanding of client needs and expectations, and frankly, to determine if Cesar and the client are a good fit. “Don’t worry about the journey, I’ll be with you throughout the whole process to ensure a smooth transaction.” Cesar’s values and insightfulness bond Cesar and his client’s into long-lasting, trusting relationships.

What you can expect from Cesar is a Realtor who is authentic, honest and true to his beliefs and values. He believes that relationships determine your long-term value in whatever you choose to do in your career or life.

Cesar’s spent much of his working life in Business Intelligence, consulting with businesses to develop metrics and measure success. What were the most important lessons learned in Business Intelligence? Technical acumen can never fulfill everyone’s wishes; however building strong relationships allows you to negotiate what is acceptable. Good relationships open doors and make discussions transform from what was ideal into discussions about what is agreeable, turning the discussion from confrontation to collaboration.

He’s also someone who believes that you should always be willing to continually learn and hone your craft. Cesar’s done this throughout his life education, and the knowledge he has gained from others always made him better and more helpful to his clients.

Cesar also understands the value of changes in communication and social media. While so many other agents chase the latest tool, he understands that Social Media is just that, a tool that can add tremendous value in the right situation.

Why real estate? Cesar decided that real estate was the next step in life for two reasons, to simplify the home buying and selling process for clients and, most importantly, to use everything he has learned combined with his beliefs and expectations to provide great service that is tailored to his clients’ lifestyles.



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Specially Tailored Service That Our Clients Deserve

  • Interior Design/Landscape Consultation: We provide services to facilitate the presentation of each home’s unique features to maximize the marketability of each home.
  • Professional Photography: Our photographers capture the character of your home. Yes, each home has its own character. In addition to traditional photography, we provide our homes with a 3D, immersive, virtual presentation. The 3D experience allows everyone to view your home using an internet browser and take a virtual tour at their own convenience.
  • Print Media: Professional brochures highlighting the features of your home will be custom-tailored to meet your expectations.
  • Massive SEO enhanced Online Presence: Our homes are uniquely marketed on the internet to ensure maximum exposure.

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