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Alright, the order in which you look at your financials, get a Real Estate Agent and start looking for a home aren’t set in stone but these are my guidelines that work well in most situations.


Where are you in your life, financially and life in general?

  • Is this your first home?
  • How long do you plan to be in this home?
  • Do you want to live by family, work etc?

Also, don’t forget to look at your financial situation. You can consult with many people such as the person that does your taxes, financial planner, someone in your family maybe a financial friend.

Get Pre- qualified or even better pre-approved.

This will make your offers stronger to sellers and speed up the process of getting into your home once you’ve found it and your offer is accepted.

Find a Real Estate agent that you trust and matches how you prefer to work.

Discuss what you’ve found above, a good Real Estate agent will listen to you and understand that you might discover some surprises along the home buying journey. if your Real Estate agent doesn’t get it, get another one.  After all, the Real Estate agent is working for you and shouldn’t steer you in ways you don’t want to go.

Search for homes.

Your realtor should help you narrow down your search to what you’ve found is important to you.  Things like safety, schools, local amenities, etc. should all be known by a local realtor if they don’t know these things, there really not helping you zoom into the neighborhood’s you should be searching for homes.  In addition, your agent should preview many homes for you so you don’t waste your precious time when physical view the home.

Everyone knows you’ll be using the internet, which is great but not everything on the internet is true, that’s what’s the realtors are for, the Realtor should preview the home themselves and if it’s as advertise have the agent preview the home virtually using their phone or some other technology so you weed out the bad from the home you will actually physical visit.  Don’t waste your precious time looking at tons of homes, look at the right homes.

Found a Home.

Make an offer. Your Realtor should help you determine what you should offer and what options are available in making an offer other than cash.

Enter the escrow and closing process (the details to get the keys).

At this point, you’ll be in the detailed process which should go smoothly if you know what to expect which is what a Realtor should help you with so you don’t lose sleep during the escrow process.  Time to Dream not to Scream.  Once the escrow process is complete time to celebrate and move in.

The home buying process in Orange County

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