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The first step toward selling your home in Orange County is to find a Realtor you can work with. You’ll probably interview several, and you’ll likely get an idea of who you can trust right away. Selling the most homes doesn’t mean they’re the best person to sell your home. Many people make the mistake of choosing the real estate agent who charges the least commission or has sold homes the longest. Remember that the Realtor is working with you and representing you, and they need to provide service to potential buyers to get the most value for your home. Some Realtors utilize tools that make it more convenient to provide tailored service to you and potential buyers, expanding your home’s exposure to buyers.

Review your home.

Does your home need some repairs, new paint or things you haven’t gotten around to in years? It’s a good time to get to these items taken care of prior to putting your house up for sale.

Consult with your agent on what they think will help get the maximum value for your home.

Don’t forget to hide anything of value or perhaps take it out the house entirely.

Review your offers with your Realtor.

You may have to counter offer, which your Realtor will help you decide.


Complete disclosures, reports, repairs (if necessary).


Escrow verifies everything is complete, and you’re done.

The process of selling a home in Orange County

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