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Hello and welcome to my first blog post! As your premier Realtor in Orange County, I’m going to be sharing lots of useful information here for home buyers and home sellers. I hope you find an article on this blog that you find interesting. If there is ever a topic you would love more information on, simply reach out to me.

With this guide, I want to talk to you about the ins-and-outs of home buying and selling. First, full disclosure, I’m a Realtor. What!? I know, but don’t worry. I won’t contact you unless you want me to. This article is truly meant to cover everything from buying the right home (for where you are in life NOW) to getting through the closing process and celebrating your success for both the homebuyer and seller.

The order in which you narrow down your wishes, get pre-qualified for a loan or get a real estate agent are not set in stone. Actually, the right way simply depends on how you like to work. People are people, and no one way works for everyone.

I’M STARTING AT THE VISUALIZATION, AFFIRMATION PROCESS. This is where you have to take a serious look at yourself and what you really want RIGHT NOW in your life. The reason I say now is that things change during your lifetime, and this is where you take a look at what’s going on now and translate it to the house you want to be your home.  

Ask yourself some questions:

  • Do I have a stable income?
  • Is there a good possibility I’ll be asked to move for my job?
  • Is someone going to ‘gift’ me some money for the home?
  • Do I have enough income to pay all my current bills and my mortgage with some left over in case something goes wrong in my new home?
  • How much time do I want to spend cleaning my house? Or is it best when someone else does it? I agree!
  • Can I live with a house that I can upgrade piece by piece, or do I want a new construction?
  • Will my family be growing soon?
  • Do I want to live by family?
  • Do I want to live far away from family?


Here’s an example:

Marley has a good income in her young career and enjoys hanging out with her friend in the city. Right now, what makes sense for Marley is a downtown loft where she can have a roommate. She knows things will change due to her career. She’ll make more money, probably move offices and maybe even meet a companion. Right now, she loves being close to work and friends.

Your friends can help answer many of these questions. Maybe some of your friends are the financial types who can help with the income/expense questions, and other friends can help you with your lifestyle. It’s really not that hard, and you probably have an idea about where you are in life and what it means to find the house that will be your home for now. But, following the process above can help you validate your wants and needs.

Choose a Realtor to partner with on your home-finding adventure.

Most people will interview more than one realtor. Three seems to be the norm, but tools, such as Skype, may change how many Realtors you interview and what type of presentations you expect in this age of social media.  

No matter what tool you use, in-person, telephone, Skype, Facetime, etc., always choose a Realtor you can work with the best. The agent’s presentation will provide you with information about which broker they work with, such as FirstTeam or Sotheby’s, and that firm’s strengths. Most of the firms are franchises, so they operate as independent entities, and the realtor will have to market your home on their own. Some firms, like FirstTeam, operate as a firm with many locations, which builds a natural social network between the agents since they are all associated with the same firm.

The presentation will move on to what makes this Realtor a great choice. If the Realtor is offended by your questions, you’re probably not a good match. Most Realtors will boast about their experience, and why would you want to choose somebody else? The truth is the best Realtor for you is the one you trust — the one who will be honest with you, communicates the best and can maximize marketing your home. Some Realtors are new but have strong support from their firms and affiliates, such as loan agents, escrow and title representatives. You’ll probably know in three minutes who you trust and connect with as your partner in the home-finding adventure.

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