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What Does A Home Inspector Look For?

No matter whether you’re selling a home or buying one, you will have to deal with the process of home inspection. This is a crucial aspect of any real estate transaction. In this process, a professional inspector visits the location to inspect all assets properly for any major or minor issues. Everything from a home’s plumbing system, to roofing, flooring, electrical system, HVAC unit, appliances, etc. are inspected for their functioning and structural integrity.

Depending on (whether you are a seller or buyer), home inspection process can be a bad or good thing for you. For a seller, the home inspection is nothing less than a challenge as it can make or break a deal. But, being a buyer, you must hire a knowledgeable and experienced home inspector along with you to avoid any kind of unexpected expenses before shifting.

What Does a Home Inspector Look For?

A home inspection is much like taking a car for a test-drive before buying it. Similarly, the home inspection is a necessary part of the home buying process to point potential problems of a property. Save yourself from unexpected repairs down the road with a thorough home inspection.

What does a home inspector do?
A home inspector covers a lot of home areas under his inspection. Every visible or reasonable corner of the home is inspected properly from one end to another. This visual inspection takes three to four hours to evaluate a home completely. Every little detail about the home is noted down in a report for a client or real estate agent.

What a Home Inspector checks:

  1. Infrastructure: This is a general inspection which won’t cover the unseen factors. All the structural elements including construction & condition of the visible foundation, window alignment, bowing of the structure, and evidence of sagging come under this.
  2. Roof: Involves condition of shingles, chimneys’ damage, roof patches/repairs, working of gutters, and clearance of air vents.
  3. Grounds: This covers home’s driveways condition, leakage from the septic tank, fences, proper drainage, and sidewalks.
  4. Electrical System: Type and condition of wiring, the functioning of outlets, circuit breakers, fans, and light fixtures.
  5. Cooling & Heating System: Investigation of air conditioning, furnace, fireplace, chimneys, and water heater.
  6. Appliances: Functioning of the stove, refrigerator, washer & dryer, dishwasher, microwave, and other important appliances.
  7. Plumbing: Ensure no water leakage, proper temperature of hot water, proper functioning of sinks, bathtubs, toilets, and showers.
  8. Basement: Solid infrastructure, walls, foundation, floors with zero damage and water intrusion
  9. Attic: Proper ventilation, sufficient insulation, and any sign of water damage or leakage.
  10. Garage: Perfect & solid foundation, ceiling, roof, framing, and windows, and working of garage door
  11. Exterior Structure: Proper clearance between siding material & ground, the condition of exterior siding and paint, proper working of outdoor lights.
  12. Safety: Safety is monumental. It includes working on fire sprinklers and fire alarms, the condition of doors and stairs, and much more.

What a Home Inspector doesn’t check:
There are some specific areas which don’t come under home inspection or not covered by a home inspector.

  1. Perform water tests and disturb insulation
  2. Figure out the lifetime of the roof
  3. Test for erosion in and around the yard of the home
  4. Describe the adequacy of water supply and quality of water
  5. Swimming pools, tennis courts, and storage sheds are not the part of inspection structures
  6. Deal with pest control, lead paint, radon gas, toxic mold, and asbestos
  7. Predict anything for invisible things

These are the areas, a home inspection process may cover or not. Home buying is a big decision, you are going to pay a huge amount of money, so you need to take the assistance of an experienced home inspector to make the right decision. A professional home inspector guides you thoroughly and helps you make the perfect decision of your life. For this, you need to hire a trustable and expert home investor with years of experience in this field.

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How to find a home inspector?
Home buying is a great responsibility, you’re going to invest your lifetime earnings in this, so ensure that you are comfortable with your home inspector. He plays an extreme role in the home buying process from detecting pitfalls and all and helps in making a great home deal.

  1. Search for recommendations.
  2. Ask family and friends for referrals. They can give you better options if they’ve gone through the home purchasing process.
  3. Conduct interview. It is a better way to know about the training, area of expertise, and experience of a home inspector.
  4. Contact a real estate agency. They can hopefully recommend an experienced and trustworthy home inspector with whom they’ve already work in the past.
  5. Hire a real estate agency and leave you home buying decision on them. They will help you in finding the best available home within your budget. They keep a keen eye on everything from home location to foundation, and everything necessary to find a perfect home. They make the home buying process easy as well as stress-free for you.

Sign contract with a reliable real estate agency in the industry, discuss your requirements and let them help you in finding a perfect and evaluated home that you desire. You don’t need to waste your time, your hired agency make all efforts to find out the home of your desires. After finalizing everything, they will take you to the location for adding a final stamp. All you have to do is make a deposit payment if you like that home.

Understanding the process of home inspection is just a single piece of solving home buying puzzle. Ensure you know the full process properly to make your home inspection successful and find the best home of your dreams!

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